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Tips for choosing witnesses for your wedding abroad

You’ll be making a solemn vow when you agree to become man and wife. However, you’ll also be entering into a legal declaration. This means that you’ll need to have two designated witnesses present to make your marriage official. These individuals – who must be over the age of 18 – won’t necessarily have a role at your wedding beyond signing the documents afterwards. The question is, what options do you have when getting married abroad? Let’s look at three routes you could go down when choosing the witnesses for your wedding.

Wedding party members

Just because a couple chooses to say ‘I do’ overseas doesn’t mean that they can’t have a best man and maid of honour. In fact, brides and grooms can essentially pick which long-standing traditions they will adhere to when getting married in Gibraltar. If you do have members of a wedding party, it’s often easiest to make one of these people a witness because they’ll already have duties.

A special privilege

It’s up to you how much meaning and responsibility you attach to being a witness. Therefore, you might like to give the role to people as a way to show your appreciation. It might be that certain people have gone above and beyond ahead of your wedding in Gibraltar, meaning you’d like to bestow the honour upon them as a thank you.

Wedding planning company

There are plenty of perks of getting married with the help of a wedding planning company. This includes the fact that they’ll take care of all the stressful elements of putting together a wedding while you simply enjoy the fun parts. In terms of witnesses, members of the team can also take on the responsibility. This is ideal for those couples that aren’t inviting many friends or family to their big day because they want to keep it intimate.

Let us help

Sweet Gibraltar Weddings will be able to give you information and advice on choosing witnesses ahead of your special day. In addition, our team can also undertake the responsibility should you prefer. If you’re keen to find out more about the services on offer, be sure to get in touch.