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Tips for choosing the right theme for your Gibraltar wedding

For every couple, their wedding is one of the most important events in their life, so it’s essential for it to be done the right way, especially when having it in Gibraltar. Choosing the theme for your wedding can be one of the more challenging details to decide on, as you and your partner may have different tastes and styles. Down below are a few tips to help you decide which theme your wedding should have to please everyone.

Let your personality shine through

If you and your partner both like bold colours and eccentric designs, then a whimsical setting could be the wedding theme that you are after, or if you like the outdoors and find beauty in nature, then a rustic wedding will perfectly encompass your personalities! Whichever it may be, choose a theme that will allow both of your personalities to shine through, for it will be a magical event to remember.

The venue

Deciding on the wedding venue is one of the first things you have to decide on, yet it plays a big part in what theme you’ll have. At Sweet Gibraltar Weddings, there are a few venues where you can play around with a theme. For example, the Botanical Gardens are perfect if you love nature, as you are surrounded by exotic plants and flowers which also makes for a stunning backdrop for the wedding album. Or the Lounge, by the Marina, is ideal for those who wish for either a formal or informal 3-course meal, as it gives you more leeway when choosing a theme, and you can either go all out or select something simple.

What colours should you have

An important element of the wedding theme is what colour(s) you want to include for your special day. If you are confused and unsure of choosing the right colours, then check your wedding outfit as you could coordinate everything to match or choose colours that contrast each other.

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