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Three ways you’ll cut cost when getting married aboard

There’s a belief that getting married abroad is the expensive option. This, however, is untrue. In actual fact, you can actually cut the costs associated with getting hitched if you do it somewhere like Gibraltar. While you’ll need flights and accommodation, you’ll actually find that it’s possible to shave off some unnecessary expenditure that comes from saying ‘I do’ in the UK. With this in mind, here are three ways that you’ll cut costs from taking your wedding overseas.

Guest list

A recent survey by Hitched found that brides and grooms welcome 75 people to their wedding ceremony. Meanwhile, a further 26 will be in attendance at the reception. This figure, of course, isn’t just made up of best friends and close family. Instead, it includes those who people feel obligated to invite, such as work colleagues, distant relatives and plus ones. Luckily you can cut your guest list down – and the costs attached to it, such as catering – if you get married abroad. Essentially anyone who’s thinking of turning up just for the fun of it should be deterred by taking a few days off work and incurring expense from travelling.


There’s no need to hop on a flight to a sun-soaked getaway shortly after saying ‘I do’. Instead, you’ll find that you’re always in the perfect honeymoon destination if you’ve tied the knot in a wonderland like Gibraltar. It’s not just the sun, sea and sand that should turn your head, but the exciting activities that you and your partner can do together when you’re officially man and wife. In Gibraltar, for example, you can start exploring the world by climbing the Rock of Gibraltar.


You’re looking at a steep bill just for the precautions you need to take against the weather when getting married at home. In the UK, for instance, you may need to invest in a marquee in case it rains or a shawl for the bride in case the weather turns chilly. You won’t have to prepare for these eventualities in a place like Gibraltar, which typically experiences pleasant temperatures and very little rainfall. This should mean you’re not spending money unnecessarily.

Happily ever after

The sound of wedding bells doesn’t always need to be followed by the sound of a cash register. Instead, you can keep the cost of your big day down by walking down the aisle abroad. If you’re interested in saving money and have already set your sights on a wedding in Gibraltar, be sure to make your dreams come true with the help of Sweet Gibraltar Weddings.