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Three ways to build hype for your wedding in Gibraltar

The run-up to saying ‘I do’ can often be the most exciting time in your life – especially when you’re getting married in Gibraltar! While you and your betrothed will no doubt be looking ahead to your special day, it’s only right that you’ll also want to build anticipation for your guests. This is easy to do when you’ve left the hard work to a wedding planning company and can turn your attention to hyping things instead of bothering with all the smaller details. With this in mind, let’s look at three ways you can build hype for your wedding in Gibraltar.


You might want to put together a possible itinerary for your guests to do when they arrive in Gibraltar. This could include visiting St. Michael’s Cave, venturing to Europa Point or, of course, hiking up the Rock of Gibraltar. The lure of these holiday-esque activities will have your guests chomping at the bit for the week of your wedding to finally swing around.


Nothing makes people look forward to going abroad more than the prospect of better weather. Of course, Gibraltar has an extremely pleasant climate – especially compared to the UK. On winter days you can remind people that it’s much lovelier in Gibraltar, whereas in the summer you can inform them that it’s set to be even nicer when they attend your wedding in Gibraltar.


Nothing will get people smiling more than stunning pictures from Gibraltar. These might be of the beautiful beaches, the stunning views or even some of the more exotic dishes that are served there. If you’re not fussed about giving too much away ahead of your wedding, you might even want to share some of the snaps that you receive when you’re conversing with the range of venues, florists and caterers just waiting to make your big day perfect.

A time to celebrate!

You have every reason to look forward to your wedding when you’re holding it in Gibraltar. Therefore, be sure to lock down your special day now by getting in touch with the team at Sweet Gibraltar Weddings.