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Three ways a coastal wedding always trumps one on the mainland

It’s clear that more and more couples are setting their sights on a faraway land when planning a wedding. In fact, a YouGov poll recently determined that one in four people now tie the knot overseas. Sadly, brides and grooms don’t always make the right decision when choosing a place to say ‘I do’, with some opting to exchange their vowels in a mainland location. However, a coastal location – such as Gibraltar – offers many more advantages for those people about to walk down the aisle. With this in mind, here are three ways a coastal wedding in Gibraltar or elsewhere always trumps one on the mainland.


Coastal areas are generally more prepared to accommodate out-of-towners. This doesn’t just include you and your betrothed, but your guests as well. You’ll find that places near the sea are better equipped with hotels, restaurants and shops for everyone in the wedding party. It’s not until you start planning a wedding abroad that you’ll realise how much of a big difference this can make.


The ocean is by far the crème de la crème of any wedding abroad. Why? Well, namely because it makes for a fantastic backdrop to your first pictures as man and wife. Gibraltar boasts a beautiful, blue ocean that would make a stunning addition to any picture. It’s particularly impressive from the vantage point of the Rock of Gibraltar.


The seafront offers built-in activities for you, your betrothed and your wedding party to enjoy. Best of all, most of them are free! When people have made the effort to travel overseas for a wedding, they’ll be pleased to know that they can keep costs down by spending their days lounging on the pebbled beaches or swimming in the ocean. The same sort of leisure activities just aren’t available for those who get married on the mainland.

The benefits are endless!

Holding your wedding in a coastal area is really a no-brainer. Therefore, why not make it happen in the sun-kissed land of Gibraltar? For information and help with putting together your special day, check out Sweet Gibraltar Weddings.