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Three tips for choosing the bouquet for your wedding abroad

The tradition of brides carrying a bouquet dates back centuries. In fact, the ritual initially began as a means of disguising a woman’s natural odour with the sweet smell of flowers. Now – thankfully – the purpose of a bouquet is more just to adhere to the long-standing tradition, as well as add another pretty element to the wedding. You can, of course, have an amazing bouquet when you’re getting married in Gibraltar. Therefore, let’s look at three tips for choosing the perfect one that will complement your big day.

Break tradition

The first bouquets were largely white or pale in colour. They were chosen like this because they would match the woman’s dress, while also sending a message of fertility and purity. Thankfully, one of the joys of getting married aboard is that you shouldn’t need to feel shackled to such traditions. In fact, not all brides choose to wear white and even go for more continental styles, such as ones with floral designs.

Decide together

Even though it’s the bride who typically holds the bouquet, don’t be afraid of making the decision as a couple. After all, no decision should feel like a chore – especially when you’re tying the knot in a place like Gibraltar. Together you can decide on the type of flower and the colour, before locking down other exciting elements such as where you’ll pose for pictures and what activities you’ll get up to after saying ‘I do’.

Enlist help

Don’t fret about having to make contact with flower suppliers when you’re not based in Gibraltar. Instead, you can just leave it to a wedding planning company. Sweet Gibraltar Weddings, for instance, has enough experience in planning weddings to assist you in getting the best flowers from the most reliable places. All in all, it just equates to one less thing you’ll have to worry about.

Good luck!

Once you’ve decided to get hitched in Gibraltar, you can get to work planning the perfect wedding. Just make sure that you follow the lead of the many happy couples who have successfully got married with the help of Sweet Gibraltar Weddings