Three tips for brides planning to get married in Gibraltar

Three tips for brides planning to get married in Gibraltar

Most brides-to-be will agree that they’ve fantasised about their wedding since they were a little girl. If your dream is about to become a reality, you’ll want to make sure that it lives up to all your wildest expectations – something that’s all the more likely if you’ve decided to get tie the knot abroad! With your sun-kissed ceremony on the horizon, here are three top tips for brides who are getting married in Gibraltar.

Head over early

Brides have a reputation for wanting to feel in complete control of their special day. After you’ve made the great decision to leave all the major responsibilities in the hands of a wedding planning company, you can still stay well ahead of the game by making an early arrival in Gibraltar. It will allow you the time to get to know the area (think restaurants, bars and romantic hot spots!) so that you’re a source of knowledge by the time your guests fly over.

Hit the beach

The beach is a bride’s best friend! First of all, the pleasant local weather should allow you the opportunity to attain a beautiful sun-kissed complexion ahead of walking down the aisle. Just as important, a few lazy days reclining on a sunbed is just what the doctor ordered when comes to relaxing and unwinding on the run up to your wedding day.

Embrace the culture

You have the fabulous opportunity to play by a new set of rules when you choose to get married in Gibraltar – so why not incorporate some local culture in your wedding? Having your hair styled into a classic bun would be a way of following a long-established trend in Spain. You could also have a red flower added to your look, something else which would look unique when you’re saying ‘I do’ and posing for pictures.

Good luck!

The excitement and anticipation for your wedding is no doubt building with each passing day. If you’ve set your heart on getting married in Gibraltar, be sure to get in touch with Sweet Gibraltar Weddings to ensure that your big day lives up to your expectations.