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Three stunning locations for your Gibraltar wedding photos

Gibraltar is beautiful. There’s no question about it. The Rock is a fabulous place to get married and boasts some stunning locations for the backdrop to your precious wedding photos.

Because Gibraltar is so easy to get around – there only 18 miles of roads after all – a few hours touring the beauty spots is a wonderful way to capture your treasured memories.

Here are just three of the best spots for your Gibraltar wedding photographs.

The Botanical Gardens

The Botanical Gardens (or “La Alameda” in Spanish) lie on Red Sands Road, just a 15 to 20 minutes’ walk from Gibraltar’s Registry Office. The gardens reflect Gibraltar’s rich history with Genoese, Moorish, Spanish and British influences.

La Alameda is a true oasis of beauty with nearly 2,000 different plant species, as well as palm, olive and dragon trees, birds, butterflies and a waterfall and lake which is the largest area of open freshwater on the Rock.

Top of the Rock

Taking the six-minute cable car trip to the summit of the Top of the Rock affords views of the Rif Mountains of Morocco to the south, the Costa del Sol to the north and the Mediterranean Sea and Strait of Gibraltar. The Top of the Rock is the perfect place for a wedding snap taking in two continents and three countries in the background.

The Top of the Rock is famous for its colony of Barbary Apes and the Top Station houses a café, restaurant, bar and souvenir shop. The Top of the Rock is also a popular spot for marriage proposals. What better place to first go down on one knee and then follow it up at a later date with a visit on your wedding day.

The John Lennon & Yoko Ono runway, Gibraltar Airport

The shot of John Lennon and Yoko Ono on the runway of Gibraltar airport with the north end of the Rock in the background is one of the most famous wedding photographs in history.

You can recreate the iconic 1969 shot of the Beatles legend alongside his bride, holding their wedding certificate aloft for the world to see, with a visit to the Rock’s famous landing strip which extends out over the sea.

With permission from the local police, who monitor the security of the runway crossing with Winston Churchill Avenue, you can choose a safe spot for a quick photo session.