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Three reasons your family will love your decision to get married in Gibraltar

Your nearest and dearest will be the first people you’ll want to tell when you’re finalising the plans for your upcoming wedding. You might, however, have some concerns about telling them that you’re not getting hitched in your home country but are instead planning to say ‘I do’ in Gibraltar. Fear not, the news will more than likely be extremely well received! Let’s look at three reasons your family will love your decision to get married in Gibraltar.


The average wedding is now attended by over 100 guests, according to Bride Book. This, of course, takes away a certain amount of intimacy on your big day. It’s not just you and your betrothed who will be impacted but also your family. Meanwhile, your closest relatives won’t have to suffer if you get married abroad. Instead, they can feel an integral part of your special day (and grab a great seat) because you’ll be able to keep the guest list down when tying the knot in Gibraltar.


Three in five couples require financial help from their family to pay for their wedding, according to Hitched. This just shows how the financial burden of the average wedding – now priced at over £30,000 – doesn’t just weigh heavily on the bride and groom but also their relatives. Ultimately, you can bet that your family will be pleased to hear that you’re getting married in Gibraltar because it’s typically a much cheaper option and will mean everyone can save cash.


Don’t underestimate just how much your family will be jumping for joy when they have a great excuse to holiday in Gibraltar. After all, it’s a place that boasts pleasant temperatures, numerous beaches and stunning sights like the Rock of Gibraltar. Your relatives will be thrilled to hear that you’ve chosen it as your wedding destination because it will provide them with a fantastic excuse to enjoy their own holiday in Gibraltar.

Shout it from the rooftops!

It will be a celebration in itself when you let the cat out of the bag about getting married in Gibraltar. It’s a fairy tale wedding destination like no other, so you’ll be treating yourself and your family when you start to book your big day through Sweet Gibraltar Weddings.