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Three reasons to send out early invites when getting married in Gibraltar

You’ll have a lot of exciting decisions to make once you’ve booked your upcoming wedding in Gibraltar. With a wedding planning company handling all the heavy lifting, you and your betrothed will be free to focus on all the fun stuff – such as the dress and speeches. You should, of course, also think about sending out your invites. According to Confetti, brides and grooms should post invites four to six months ahead of getting hitched. With this in mind, here are three great reasons to get yours out as early as possible when you’re getting married in Gibraltar.


Your wedding won’t be like any other run of the mill affair that people feel obliged to attend. Instead, most will consider it to be the must-go event of the year because it’s happening in an exotic place like Gibraltar. Due to this, they’ll appreciate an early ‘save the date’ invite because it will give them the best chance of being able to move things around to ensure that they can attend.


Don’t forget, you have the power to rip up the rulebook when getting hitched in Gibraltar. Guests – many of which probably attend weddings all year round – will jump at the chance to don a summery new outfit more in line with the atmosphere overseas. Others might also plan to sneak in a few extra days to enjoy the hotspot both before and after your nuptials.


It’s never too early to start the hype for your wedding, especially when you’re holding it in style in Gibraltar. Indeed, your upcoming nuptials will be a big talking point for all those people who are lucky enough to make it on to the guest list and want to start looking forward to the sun-kissed ceremony. You would almost be depriving people of the excitement if you didn’t get your invites out quickly!

Your wedding awaits!

You can start putting all the finer touches on your wedding invites once you’ve locked down your fairy tale ceremony with the help of Sweet Gibraltar Weddings. Once they’re posted and guests are jumping with joy to attend, you can really start looking forward to your special day.