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Three reasons to consider using a professional hairstylist when getting married in Gibraltar

It’s commonplace for brides to have their hair done before tying the knot. This is the case when getting married at home and when getting married abroad. In fact, there’s arguably even more reason to meet with a hairstylist before saying ‘I do’ in a place like Gibraltar. This is something to consider if you’re eyeing up the hotspot for your big day and want to make sure that your chosen wedding planning company has close links with reputable hairdressers. Let’s look at three benefits of going down this route.


The climate is one of the primary factors that attract couples to the prospect of getting married in Gibraltar. As well as lifting your mood and giving you a sun-kissed complexion, the weather can actually affect your hair. In some cases, the humidity might make it expand, whereas in others the temperature might make it dry. Thankfully a hairstylist will be able to work with these conditions and ensure your hair still looks fabulous when you get hitched.


The fact that you’ll simply be able to sit back and leave the hard work to a professional is just part of the laidback ethos you’ll come to enjoy when getting married through a professional wedding company. A lot of the jobs – including your hair – can be arranged and sorted for you, meaning you can simply look ahead to the happiest day of your life.


You’re pretty much throwing the rulebook out of the window when getting married abroad. This means that you can pick and choose which traditions you want to obey and which ones you want to avoid. This includes your hair. A trained hairstylist will be able to walk you through different styles, in the process allowing you the opportunity to maybe incorporate local influences into your hairdo if that’s a path you want to go down.

What will you do?

You’ll have the option of having your hair done before getting married if you recruit the services of Sweet Gibraltar Weddings. This is just one of the many perks you’ll get to enjoy as you say ‘I do’ and celebrate the biggest day of your life.