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Three reasons pregnant brides should get married in Gibraltar

There are many brides who have dreamed of getting married abroad since they were a little girl, but then they’re pregnant by the time it comes to say ‘I do’. So what? The fact that you’re with child doesn’t need to stand in the way of you tying the knot overseas – especially if you choose to do so in Gibraltar. If you’ve got a baby on the way and are in the midst of planning your wedding, here are three reasons why you should be thinking about getting married in Gibraltar.


Women can fly until the 36th week of their pregnancy. In fact, the official NHS website states that ‘there are no reasons why’ women can’t travel by plane as long as they take the right precautions. The main health risks come on long-haul flights, which won’t be a concern for you because there are only manageable short-haul flights between the UK and Gibraltar. Ultimately, there’s nothing to worry about travel-wise if you get hitched in Gibraltar.


A big concern for pregnant women is choosing a maternity wedding dress. Thankfully, you needn’t have to worry about choosing a style that’s unflattering or out of fashion. After all, there’s a whole different rulebook for brides saying ‘I do’ in Gibraltar. With such pleasant temperatures, some brides choose to wear airy attire to embrace the heat. Meanwhile, others don’t wear white and choose more Spanish-inspired floral gowns.


You’ll be used to hearing people tell you to take it easy when you’re pregnant. Luckily, there’s no better place to put your feet up and relax than Gibraltar. With a number of sun-kissed beaches just waiting to welcome you, you can spend the bulk of your wedding weekend basking by the sea and giving your body some much-needed rest – something that your unborn baby will surely appreciate!

What are you waiting for?

There’s never been a better excuse to book your dream wedding abroad! If you’re pregnant and want a carefree wedding that’s beneficial for both you and your baby, don’t hesitate to see how we can help by getting in touch with us at Sweet Gibraltar Weddings.