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Three reasons people elope abroad to places like Gibraltar

The term ‘elope’ once meant to get married without your parents’ permission. These days, however, it’s generally used to describe a couple who get married in secret. The whole act is now considered much less underhanded and much more romantic. If you’re tempted by the idea of saying ‘I do’ in this way, then you should know that there are many great reasons to do it overseas – especially in Gibraltar! Let’s look at three reasons why people elope abroad.


It’s sure to feel extremely exciting and impulsive to just run off and get hitched in such a whirlwind fashion. You’ll only be adding to the fun if you do so abroad. A foreign land can provide an exotic backdrop to your special day, in the process adding yet another exhilarating element to such a once in a lifetime experience.


The biggest benefit of eloping is that it can save you some serious cash. You’ll be able to cut down on all sorts of costs, therefore avoiding the £30,000 price tag that the average couple now face when getting married in the UK. You can use these savings to head overseas, with flights accommodation still only costing a fraction of a price that the arrangements would set you back if you were to walk down the aisle in the UK.


The biggest problem with eloping is that you’ll have to explain to all your would-be guests just why they weren’t invited. Thankfully, you can dodge this if you choose to get married abroad. The average overseas wedding often features fewer guests and tends to be more intimate. This will explain away why you didn’t invite people, while at the same time making it more than manageable for a few people to attend if that’s what you want.

What will you do?

Whether you want to elope or whether you want to have a meticulously planned wedding, your best bet is always to get married in Gibraltar. Once you’ve made your decision you can rest assured that everything will go to plan simply by getting in touch with Sweet Gibraltar Weddings.