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Three reasons to pack light for your wedding in Gibraltar

The most special day of your life awaits when you decide to get married in Gibraltar. But before you can walk down the aisle and say ‘I do’, you’ve first got to pack for what promises to be a fairytale ending for you and your betrothed. Don’t worry, this need not be an unnecessary hassle. Instead, you should know that it’s actually in your best interest to pack light before getting hitched in Gibraltar. Here are three reasons why.


Gibraltar experiences average highs of 16 degrees even in January. Meanwhile, the average rainfall is just a fraction of what it is in the UK. This means that there’s little need to come armed with coats, cardigans or even waterproof clothing when getting hitched. Just enjoy the extra room that this will leave in your case because it could come in handy once you’ve tied the knot.


There’s no place to relax like Gibraltar. There are sun-kissed beaches, mouth-watering tapas restaurants and awe-inspiring views to gaze upon. These are all there to enjoy before you even walk down the aisle! Therefore, you don’t want to experience any unneeded stress by having to lug unnecessarily heavy luggage from the airport to your accommodation. After all, you can almost guarantee the sun will be beating down on your when you arrive.


You can expect the most thoughtful wedding presents from your guests, who will no doubt be thrilled that you’ve given them a great excuse to visit a hotspot like Gibraltar. In addition, with a shopping paradise like the International Commercial Centre and others within walking distance, you never quite know what souvenirs you’ll be picking as a keepsake from when you became man and wife in Gibraltar.

Happily ever after!

The fact that you can pack light is just one of the many perks that come from tying the knot in Gibraltar. After all, there’s always the temptation to go overboard when packing an overnight bag to get hitched in the UK. If you’ve set your heart on saying ‘I do’ in a beautiful location far from home, be sure to get the ball rolling with Sweet Gibraltar Weddings.