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Three reasons it’s important to stay in budget when marrying abroad

It’s becoming harder and harder for couples to keep their wedding day within budget, with the average wedding now coming in an eye-watering £27,000 in the UK. You’re probably thinking that you’ll blow your budget in no time whatsoever if you choose to get married abroad. This, however, isn’t necessarily true – especially if you choose to tie the knot in Gibraltar. Let’s look at three great reasons why it’s beneficial not to stretch yourself to the financial limit before choosing to get married abroad.


If you choose an affordable wedding, you don’t have to worry about fluctuating exchange rate leaving you short-changed. The pound has been pretty volatile over the past few months, but it’s still holding it’s own against other currencies – especially the euro. Thankfully you won’t have to worry about it going up or down as long as you’ve found a place to wed that doesn’t break the bank.


The happiest day of your life can also double up as the holiday of a lifetime when you choose to get married abroad. Due to this, you don’t want a dark cloud hanging over your head because you have forked out too much before even stepping on the plane. Just consider that it’s possible to say ‘I do’ for as little as £210 in Gibraltar. This is incredible value for money and a price that you can be happy about.

Rough start

Unlike other couples, you’ll have the option of taking a dip in the sea or spending the day on the beach after becoming man and wife. Wouldn’t it be a shame if you had to quickly turn your attention to paying off your wedding because you’d opted for a place out of your budget? After all, you could always do the smart thing and just get hitched in a reasonably priced place like Gibraltar.

Don’t worry about money

It’s very difficult for your money to get away from you when you’re getting married in Gibraltar. Not only can Sweet Gibraltar Weddings provide an affordable service to meet your budget, but Gibraltar is famous for being good value when compared to the rest of Europe.