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Three reasons a Gibraltar wedding is perfect for brides and grooms with kids

A recent survey found that around 55% of people now have children before getting married. This means that brides and grooms are looking for new ways to factor their kids into the proceedings when they choose to walk down the aisle and tie the knot. If you’re a mum and dad, have you ever considered saying ‘I do’ in Gibraltar? While you might think that getting hitched abroad isn’t the best option when you’ve got children in tow, in actual fact holding your nuptials overseas could be great fun for the entire family. Here are three perks to having a Gibraltar wedding if you have children.


The journey time is nothing to worry about. A flight from London takes a rather manageable three hours, meaning you and your brood won’t be facing any sort of excessive travelling time that could dampen spirits. In addition, Gibraltar is only one hour ahead of the UK so you needn’t worry about anyone suffering from jet lag as you and your betrothed become man and wife.


You can typically cut down the guest list when getting married aboard, meaning the whole affair is a lot more intimate. This means that your children should feel a bigger part of the day – not to mention that you won’t have to worry about keeping tabs on them within hundreds of other people.

Family time

Once you’ve tied the knot and professed your love for your better half, you’ll find yourself on a ready-made holiday. There are loads of fun activities that you can do before or after your big day, including a visit to the primate-friendly Apes Den. These memories – as well as the ones you make while saying ‘I do’ – are the ones that should last a lifetime.

Time to get booking!

If you’re ready to walk down the aisle and want your children to enjoy the day just as much as you and your other half do, then be sure to get married in Gibraltar with the help of Sweet Gibraltar Weddings. It’s sure to be a decision that you won’t regret.