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Three reasons to buy your wedding rings in Gibraltar

If you want to guarantee the same wonderful weather that Harry and Meghan enjoyed at their fabulous wedding, then you’ll already have booked a date in Gibraltar. And you’ve probably decided on your dress, the reception and the honeymoon. But what about your wedding rings? Should you buy them in the UK and bring them with you, or plan to buy them when you reach Gibraltar?

You won’t lose the rings

Airport security theft is becoming an increasing problem. In the US alone, over 7000 cases of luggage theft are reported, and thieves stealing from unattended trays of valuables as you wait to go through the scanner is on the rise. One way to avoid the worry of having your carefully chosen rings stolen is simply to buy them when you get to Gibraltar. That way you’ll always know exactly where they are from the moment they leave the shop to the moment they’re slipped onto your fingers.

You’ll get more for your money

Because there’s no VAT in Gibraltar, you’re already saving 20% on UK high-street prices. In fact, it may even be cheaper to buy your wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses on the Rock itself! One area where you really can make a big saving is on jewellery, particularly if you’re prepared to haggle. Although this is something we’re often embarrassed about doing in the UK, jewellers in Gibraltar expect to negotiate so there are some impressive savings to be had on your wedding rings – and of course a great range of choice!

You can choose in advance

If you don’t want to leave buying your rings to the last minute, why not arrange a pre-wedding mini break to Gibraltar? It’ll give you the opportunity to see your wedding venue in person, smooth out any issues you might have and shop for those all-important rings. If you’ve already booked your hotel you could ask reception to keep them in the safe or leave them at the jewellers for safe keeping. Either way, you’ll know exactly where your rings are when the big day arrives.

To ensure that everything runs smoothly as you walk down the aisle, trust us to make your big day hassle free. At Sweet Gibraltar Weddings we’ll plan the wedding of your dreams so all you have to worry about is the rings!