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Three perks of a winter wedding in Gibraltar

The first big decision most engaged couples must make is what season to say ‘I do’. There’s really no right or wrong answer, even though summer (or the surrounding seasons) tends to be the most popular. However, you might very well fancy getting married in the winter – and if you do you’ll find that there will be plenty of perks of doing so in Gibraltar. Whether your wedding is on the horizon or whether it’s a year in the future, here are three great elements that you’ll enjoy.


Winter is an off-season, meaning that the flights and accommodation for your trip should be much cheaper during this time of year in Gibraltar. This is just another day that you’ll find your big day is more affordable by going overseas, especially when prices start at as little as £210 when saying ‘I do’ with the assistance of Sweet Gibraltar Weddings. What’s not to love about the fact that you’ll be starting married life with some extra money in your pocket?


Our immune systems take a hit during the winter months when the temperature drops. This is why people become more susceptible to colds, coughs and aches in the UK. Of course, this increases your odds of feeling unwell on your big day – and there’s no denying that would be a disaster! Meanwhile, Gibraltar’s warmer climate means you’re less likely to be fighting illness when it comes to walking down the aisle.


You should prepare for wind, rain and snow when getting married in the UK in winter. Gibraltar, on the other hand, is unlikely to experience such conditions. In February, for instance, there is no rain on 66% of the days. This means that – as well as looking forward to warmer temperatures – the odds are also on your side that it will be a clear day.

What’s not to love?

These three perks should be enough to get you excited about the prospect of tying the knot in Gibraltar. Whether you plan to get hitched this winter or next, be sure to get in touch with the team at Sweet Gibraltar Weddings.