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Three misconceptions about getting married in Gibraltar

Who wouldn’t want to say ‘I do’ in Gibraltar? Well, it would seem that some people are actually unconvinced about the idea of doing so – but only because they have fallen for a few common misconceptions about what it entails. If you’re amongst those people, it’s time you realised that getting married in Gibraltar can be all you dreamed of and more. With this in mind, here are three common misconceptions that you can just forget about, so you can start planning your perfect wedding instead.

“It won’t be legal”

It will, actually. Once you’ve got your hands on a Special Marriage Licence, you can rest assured that the vows you exchange in front of your friends and family are completely lawful. This means that you won’t need to do the whole thing all over again when you return to the UK. In addition, there are no residency restrictions when it comes to getting married in Gibraltar – unlike in Spain.

“It will happen on a beach”

You don’t need to feel the sand beneath your feet or hear the sound of waves when you get hitched. After all, that isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. You can actually walk down the aisle in multiple venues in Gibraltar, including areas that have an awe-inspiring view of the Rock of Gibraltar. Essentially, there’s still a lot of freedom over where you hold your nuptials.

“It’s very expensive”

It needn’t be any more expensive to get married in Gibraltar than in the UK. In fact, it can actually be cheaper! The average bride and groom can cut down on a lot of expenditure by getting wed abroad – namely reducing the guest list, eliminating rain-based precautions and doubling up with their honeymoon. You could actually end up with more money in your pocket even though you’ve travelled overseas to do the deed.

Now you know the truth

There’s nothing to stop you from booking your dream wedding now that you’re more enlightened about the misconceptions. If you’ve made up your mind about walking down the aisle in Gibraltar, be sure to do so with the help of Sweet Gibraltar Weddings.