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Three common mistakes that our professional wedding planners in Gibraltar can help you to avoid

If you and your beloved have ever asked yourselves the question, “but do we really need a wedding planner if we’re interested in getting married in Gibraltar?”, listen up. Here at Sweet Gibraltar Weddings, we know from direct experience that things can go wrong with any wedding – even one in such a seemingly straightforward place to tie the knot as Gibraltar.

Here are just three examples of the errors that you could find yourself easily making if you don’t bother with experienced, savvy and professional wedding planners in Gibraltar like our own.

Underestimating what is required to get married here

Sure, Gibraltar is renowned as a relatively easy place to hold a wedding compared to other popular overseas wedding destinations. There aren’t the residency restrictions here that apply in Spain, for example, and you could get married here in barely 48 hours under a special licence.

That’s not the same thing as saying there are no requirements at all, though. You’ll still need to obtain a Special Marriage Licence if you are a foreign national wishing to formalise your union here, and there are still legalities and documents to be dealt with.

So, why risk any misunderstandings or avoidable problems by attempting to do it all on your own, when our team of professional wedding planners in Gibraltar can make it all so easy for you – freeing you up to focus squarely on the glamour and excitement of your special day?

Choosing the wrong wedding package for your needs

Even having lots of genuinely great choices can be a bit of a burden sometimes! You might see certain Gibraltar wedding packages being advertised around the web, but different packages undoubtedly each offer a different ‘vibe’ – for both you and your guests. It therefore really helps to have some actual Gibraltar wedding planning professionals to talk to when attempting to pick the best package for you.

Whether you fall in love most with our quick and simple Registry Office Package, or perhaps the beauty of the Botanical Gardens Package or the spectacular views that the Mons Calpe Suite Package offers, we can help to ensure you make the very best choice for you.

Not making the most of the fact you’re in Gibraltar

What’s the point of getting hitched abroad if you just do all of the same things you would’ve done if you were tying the knot amid the greyness and drizzle of mainland Great Britain?

Gibraltar may be small – measuring just 2.6 square miles – but with its exotic mix of British and Mediterranean cultural influences, it offers an atmosphere and opportunities quite unlike what you could ever expect to find elsewhere.

To get some great ideas for how you could spend your time in Gibraltar besides the wedding itself, why not peruse the blog posts that our team has put together, or even directly contact our professional wedding planners in Gibraltar for suggestions based on your own tastes?

A Gibraltar wedding is hardly ‘just any old’ wedding, so you shouldn’t take ‘just any old’ approach to making yours a reality. Instead, drop us a line to get your magical journey started with the trusted experts in Gibraltar wedding planning, right here at Sweet Gibraltar Weddings!