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Three benefits of a midweek wedding in Gibraltar

The weekend has long been the most popular time to get married. You should, however, find plenty of benefits in getting married midweek – especially if you tie the knot in Gibraltar. This is something to think about if you’re weighing up your options and toying with the idea of having a sun-kissed wedding overseas. With this in mind, let’s look at three benefits of having a midweek wedding in Gibraltar.


You’ll potentially be saving thousands simply by getting married in Gibraltar rather than the UK. After all, prices start from as little as £210 if you organise your big day with the help of Sweet Gibraltar Weddings. In addition to this, you can also cut the cost of your flights and accommodation if you travel midweek because there’s typically less demand than at the weekend. This means there could be more money spare to splash on your nuptials or simply save for your future.


You’ll no doubt be thinking of getting married abroad because it’s a more relaxed and chilled out atmosphere than in the UK. Well, this will be especially true if you move your nuptials into the midweek in Gibraltar. With many locals working and tourists waiting for the weekend, you’ll find it’s an even more laidback atmosphere and easier to get things done, such as a crowd-less hike up the Rock of Gibraltar.


You can break from tradition in many different ways when you get married in Gibraltar. Wear what you want, pose how you like and – in this case – get married on whatever day of the week you’d prefer. The fact that you’re getting married abroad means you won’t have to cater for as many people, meaning you shouldn’t feel locked into a weekend wedding just because it’s more convenient for other people.

It’s your decision!

The fact that you won’t feel confined to getting married on the weekend is just one of the many joys you’ll experience from choosing to get married in Gibraltar. If you’re ready to treat yourself to your dream wedding and would like a hand to make it perfect, be sure to get in touch with Sweet Gibraltar Weddings.