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The perks of walking the Rock of Gibraltar during your wedding weekend

Gibraltar. The first thing that springs to mind when you hear that name is the world-famous Rock of Gibraltar. It’s a landmark loved by locals and tourists alike – and hiking up it could be the icing on the cake for your wedding weekend! Whether you plan to do it before or after tying the knot, there’s plenty to be gained from you and your spouse-to-be making your way up the 426m-high hot spot. Let’s look at three ways this activity can add to your wedding weekend in Gibraltar.


It generally takes between two to four hours to walk the Rock of Gibraltar. Due to its gradient, you could actually burn upwards of 1000 calories during the trip. Aside from helping you lose weight and shape up for married life, the cardio will also go some length to boosting your immune system and improving your overall health. This should guarantee a smooth start to your new beginning as husband and wife.


You’re guaranteed an unforgettable experience when you choose to get married in Gibraltar. You will only add to this wonder if you make time to fit in a trip up the awe-inspiring Rock of Gibraltar, which includes some of the most marvellous views you could imagine. It will only signal that there are many intimate experiences in store for you and your better half now that you’re man and wife.


The pleasant temperatures will no doubt be one of the first things that originally tempted you to say ‘I do’ in Gibraltar. Well, you’ll be getting some handy exposure to the sun’s rays when you make the journey up the Rock. This won’t just give you a stunning tan to show off when you return from your nuptials, but will also help you to relax and enjoy the type of glorious weather that’s rarely seen in the United Kingdom.

Don’t miss out!

The Rock of Gibraltar is just one of the many perks you’ll get to savour when you get hitched in Gibraltar. If you’re eager to put together a fantastic itinerary for you and your guests, be sure to book your wedding with the help of Sweet Gibraltar Weddings.