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The most romantic things to do in Gibraltar

Destination weddings are becoming steadily more popular, with many people now choosing to have their weddings in Gibraltar. When having a destination wedding, you want to be able to visit some of the local sites to get a good feel for the place. Gibraltar has a lot of cultural tourist sites that are also extremely romantic. If you’re considering a Gibraltar wedding, then why not incorporate some of the places below into your trip?

The Rock Of Gibraltar

The Rock Of Gibraltar is perhaps the most famous monument in the nation. It’s a large limestone rock, covered by a nature reserve. It’s a beautiful place to visit, with stunning views available from all directions. The nature reserve is a lovely place to wander through as a couple, with a sense of peace and serenity present that will inspire awe in any visitor.

St. Michael’s Cave

St. Michael’s Cave actually refers to more than one cave. It’s a network of limestone caves, located over 300m above sea level. The Cathedral Cave can be used as an auditorium and can seat over 100 people, meaning it could be a nice location to host your wedding ceremony. If you don’t want to use St. Michael’s Cave as part of your wedding, you could also visit the cave separately, as the history of the cave is very interesting, also having a romantic aspect to it.

The Alameda

The Alameda (otherwise known as the Gibraltar Botanic Gardens) are botanical gardens set in the nation of Gibraltar. It’s a beautiful area to walk round, open 7 days a week between sunrise and sunset. You can visit as a couple and take yourself round the gardens, or you can hire a tour guide to show you round, to tell you about the history of the place.

The Mediterranean Steps

The Mediterranean Steps are a nature trail located within the Upper Rock Nature Reserve. The path has beautiful views of many of the famous landmarks of Gibraltar, and gives couples a nice romantic retreat into the green spaces of Gibraltar, allowing you to get away from some of the crowds.

These are just some of the romantic sites available in Gibraltar that are perfect for couples wanting a romantic getaway. For more information on things to do whilst in Gibraltar, contact us today!