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The best ways to relax while organising your wedding in Gibraltar

Sure, it’s quicker and easier to get married in Gibraltar than it is in a lot of places – not least neighbouring Spain, where residency restrictions apply – but wherever you tie the knot, you can always expect stress during the planning process. It’s simply a reflection of what is, after all, one of the most special occasions of one’s life.

But of course, we’re sure you won’t want to be hyperventilating all of the time, just because you happen to be getting married. So, here are some great tips for ensuring you can chill out a little amid all of the inevitable stresses that come with organising a wedding.

Give yourself clearly defined breaks

This might sound like an obvious tip, but when you’re really excited about planning your wedding and thinking about it seemingly every hour of the day and night, it’s so easy for aspects of discussing and planning your big day to bleed into the times when you ought to be relaxing.

If you can set aside specific days of the week, or times during the day, for wedding planning, you’ll find it easier to stay calm, collected and balanced, in a phase of your life when you’ll most need it.

Take a trip to Gibraltar beforehand

You know the way some people who’re anxious about being able to get to the location of a job interview end up going on a ‘trial run’ to that location a day or week beforehand, so that they can calm their nerves? Well, why not do the same with your impending Gibraltar wedding?

Gibraltar holidays are more affordable than you might think. What’s more, a few days on the British Overseas Territory could be just the thing for enjoying attractions and activities – ranging from Saint Michael’s Cave and the Moorish Castle to tax-free shopping and the chance to meet the local Barbary macaque monkeys – that you might not find time for when you’re tying the knot here.

Make use of the services of a Gibraltar wedding specialist

The fact is that no matter how easy it is to get married somewhere, you’ll still almost certainly appreciate the assistance of someone who has ‘been there’ and ‘done that’ many times before.

Our own wedding coordinators in Gibraltar here at Sweet Gibraltar Weddings can be your indispensable allies in this intriguing and charming part of the world, sorting out all of the essential, but unglamorous details so that you can simply concentrate on your dream wedding.

We’ve already helped more than 1,500 couples to organise their Gibraltar wedding and rest more easily since the establishment of Sweet Gibraltar Weddings in 2008. So, why not browse our latest wedding packages and get in touch with us now, to start following in the footsteps of John Lennon, Yoko Ono, Sean Connery and so many others who decided to formalise their union here?