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The best food for a warm weather wedding

One of the standout benefits of having your wedding in Gibraltar looks likely to be the weather – from March to October, the peninsula offers hospitable climes which can be ideal for a wedding under the sun. But what should you put on the menu? A warm-weather wedding calls for its own type of cuisine, and in this blog, we single out some suitable dishes…

Tantalising tapas

You’ll need to keep your guests fed after the ceremony and leading up to the main reception meal itself, and tapas gives you the perfect solution. From melon with serrano ham to goat’s cheese with sundried tomato and capers – think light, flavourful and moreish. Tapas goes well with drinks and can kick start the food festivities at your warm weather wedding.

Send for the salad

A salad course as part of your main meal can work a treat. Salads are nice and light, but also present the opportunity for intriguing recipes which get guests talking. Whether it’s chicken & chorizo, harissa green bean or roasted eggplants, use your salad course to pan out your meal, without stuffing your guests! You could engage guests with a choice of multiple dressings.

Surf over turf

In general, seafood and fish makes a better choice for a warm weather wedding than red meat, but this certainly doesn’t mean that beef, lamb or pork should be off the menu entirely. Think about placing more of an emphasis on fish such as salmon, haddock or mackerel, and pair them with vegetables of the season and new potatoes. Get your seafood – such as shrimps or scallops – on the grill for that summery barbecued taste.

A cooling crescendo

Weddings can be passionate, fiery affairs, especially where warm weather and alcoholic beverages are combined! So what better way to have a ‘cooling-off period’ than with a delightfully refreshing dessert? Think mini ice cream cones, a selection of artisan ice creams or even dishes that combine seasonal fruits with cream.

Wedding food can be as memorable as you make it – just ensure your menu suits the season!