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The basic steps of how to get married in Gibraltar

The British Overseas Territory of Gibraltar is an absolutely fascinating part of the world, with a unique combination of a ‘home from home’ feel and rather more exotic connotations. Where else, after all, could you expect to find both traditional British red telephone boxes and casually wandering Barbary macaque monkeys in one place?

These factors, combined with the likes of a pleasant Mediterranean climate, a similarly warm welcome and the iconic backdrop lent by the Rock itself, help to explain why so many people decide to get married in Gibraltar. After all, if it’s a good enough destination for the nuptials of John Lennon, Yoko Ono and Sir Sean Connery, it’s more than good enough for the rest of us!

However, there are still certain practical steps to follow if you wish to tie the knot in this intriguing and rewarding piece of UK soil. So, here are the key things that you need to do.

Make sure you meet the conditions

There’s little point in deciding to get hitched in Gibraltar if you aren’t able to meet the criteria for legally doing so here. Thankfully, compared to many other popular overseas destinations like Spain or France, Gibraltar’s requirements aren’t that hard to meet.

There are no residency restrictions to stop you from getting married here, for example, although you do have to stay overnight. However, when you consider how wonderful a holiday destination Gibraltar is, that’s surely an excuse to spend even longer here, before and after your wedding!

Click through to learn more about the requirements for getting married in Gibraltar.

Take your pick from our wide-ranging packages

With so many possibilities before you for how to get married in Gibraltar, you really can be sure of organising a wedding day that will live up to your dreams while also catering to your practical and budgetary requirements.

Would you like your Gibraltar wedding to be nice, quick and simple, for example, taking place at the Registry Office like John and Yoko’s? Well, we have a great-priced package for that. Alternatively, you might like the idea of a restaurant package that includes a fabulous three-course meal for two, or even formalising your union on board a luxurious yacht.

It’s all possible with a little help from Sweet Gibraltar Weddings!

Start inviting people to your big day!

Let’s face it – the opportunity to join you and your beloved in celebrating your nuptials in Gibraltar is likely to be rather more attractive to your friends and relatives than a bog-standard wedding in your hometown. So, you’ll want to give them plenty of advance notice by sending out those invitations nice and early.

With Sweet Gibraltar Weddings able to handle every aspect of the practicalities of how to get married in Gibraltar, you and your sweetheart can largely focus your hearts and energies on the more romantic and glamorous aspects.

So, don’t hesitate to enquire to us today about how we can help to make your Gibraltar wedding dreams a reality!