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A very warm welcome back to our blog. How is everything going in your corner of the world? Here in Gibraltar, it’s business as usual for wedding planners such as ourselves. One thing is for sure, we are getting busier by the month. The wedding season will shortly be upon us in full swing. As busy as we are, at the moment we are still in warm up phase.

We recently wrote a blog about the faces you could meet, during your wedding here on the Rock, but we’d like to officially introduce you to the core Sweet Gibraltar Weddings team.

As you probably know, Chamaine is your first contact within our company. She is responsible for taking your booking and looking after you from start to finish throughout your wedding process. However, what you might not know is that Maricela and Venerina are also indispensable members of our core team.

Maricela will act as a Sweet Gibraltar Weddings representative and assist you more in the area of paperwork and legal documents. She can often be found at the Registry Office in Gibraltar for that purpose.

Aside from being our in-house makeup artist, hair stylist and professional photographer, Venerina will act as a wedding coordinator on behalf of Sweet Gibraltar Weddings should the need arise.

The important thing to remember is that one of our core team members will always be at your wedding. Whoever it is, whether it is Maricela or Venerina, will be able to assist you as if they were Chamaine herself. All our core team have excellent communication and coordination skills.

Our company’s objective is to ensure that your wedding runs as smoothly and as stress free as possible for everyone’s benefit; especially yours. We want you to have the wedding you have always dreamt of and we want you to enjoy it. With that in mind, we only have highly specialised core team members who bring with them a wealth of experience, professionalism and reliability. They are people who love what they do and they do it with passion. They will go that extra mile if necessary.

If you would like to know more about our core team members, please don’t hesitate to look back through our blogs and read the other article we wrote about our team.

You will never be left alone while you are here in Gibraltar to get married and have chosen us as your preferred wedding planners of choice.

If we can help you with anything else, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We’re here for you!!!