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Summer wedding in Gibraltar? 3 things to expect when enjoying your special day

Gibraltar has long been known as a great place to marry and somewhere that is easy to get too, fun and alluringly exotic. While getting married in Gibraltar is awesome at any time of the year, Summer weddings are enduringly popular. This sees many couples head to the island during this season each year to exchange their vows. But what can you expect from a Summer wedding on Gib?

Decent weather

It is of course impossible to predict what the weather will do or guarantee sunshine on any specific date. However, it is also true that Gibraltar normally has a warm climate all year round and is usually hot over Summer. This is down to the Mediterranean/Subtropical climate on the island.

The climate in Gibraltar, for example, sees July have around 341 hours of sunshine per month and temperatures get up to around 28 degrees on average. All this is ideal for that romantic Summer ceremony with plenty of sunshine to mark your Gibraltar wedding.

A lively atmosphere

Gibraltar is a lovely place to visit at any time of the year but it really comes alive over Summer. This is mainly down to the number of holidaymakers the island sees in the warmer months. If you plan to get married in Gibraltar in Summer, then this means you get to enjoy it at its most vibrant. Whether it is arriving before the big day to sample its unique vibe or enjoying all it has to offer after you get married, Summer is an exciting time to be on the island.

Awesome wedding photos

There is no doubt that you can look forward to awesome photos when enjoying a Summer wedding in Gibraltar. The photographs taken will really help make the day extra special and also give you something to look back at over the years. Marrying here in Summer means you can head outside and make full use of the beautiful scenery for truly magical pictures.

Get married on the island with Sweet Gibraltar Weddings

The above shows just what you can look forward to when enjoying a Summer wedding on the island. If you need help planning yours, why not contact Sweet Gibraltar Weddings at Our team of local experts can help plan out your big day and ensure it goes smoothly. Contact us today to find out more.