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We have started 2017 full steam!

A very happy new year to everyone and welcome to our blog. If you’re new to our company, we hope that we’ll have the opportunity of meeting you very soon.

It’s January 2017, the weather is amazingly glorious for this time of year and we have already celebrated our first weddings of the year. The Registry Office is open once again for business and we have started full steam.

Our first couple to get married this year were two really beautiful people from Bulgaria. They made the season start in the nicest way possible. They were even so kind as to give our team members, Venerina and Chamaine, a thank you gift that was very much appreciated. In fact, this is our team’s way of formally saying thank you.

If you don’t know our team, let us introduce you to them.

Chamaine is your first point of contact with our company. She is dedicated to accompanying you through your wedding from the minute you book with us to the end of your ceremony. Chamaine will help you with all your questions and guide you through the legal paperwork. Chamaine’s professionalism over the last decade that we’ve been in the wedding planning business has a proven track record, in assisting couples, that will make you feel safe in the knowledge that your wedding in Gibraltar is in the right hands.

Some people think they can try and process their paperwork on their own but, with new legislations in place, it’s always better to have someone who knows the law. Just recently we had a couple who’s wedding could have potentially been delayed or, at worst, cancelled because they weren’t given all the accurate information by the people who were, supposedly, organising their wedding before we stepped in.

We’re not just saying this because, of course, we would like your business. We are saying it as a warning for any couple who is thinking of getting married in any destination. A good wedding planner should always know the ins and outs of getting married in their wedding destination. You could save yourselves a lot of time and energy by using one and here, in Gibraltar, we have been elected by our clients as the wedding planners of preferred choice.

Another member of our team who is no stranger to paperwork, multilingual translations and other formal procedures is Maricela. Maricela is a commissioner for oaths in Gibraltar and has been working with our team for years to ensure that everything runs smoothly with your legal documents. You will often encounter her in the Registry Office when you go and sign all your legal documents and she stands in this role especially when Chamaine is unavailable for whatever reasons, which is not very often.

If you’re booking an all inclusive package with us, you will also meet Venerina who has been collaborating with us for over a year and a half now. She is our hair stylist, MAC Pro makeup artist and professional photographer. She is the person you are likely to spend a lot of time with on your wedding day. With her bubbly personality and her inner calm, she is sure to make you feel at ease, have you giggling a lot and relax so you can enjoy your day to the max.

If you are coming over to get married on your own and need witnesses for your wedding, either Chamaine, Venerina and/or Maricela are always happy to do the honours.

Another one of our collaborators you are likely to meet is Ivan. When you hire a car through us for your special day, Ivan is the gentleman who will happily chauffeur you to and from your wedding location. He is a very amiable person who is only too happy to help you at all times when you are in his company.

As you can see, our team’s friendliness is another reason why so many of our clients have given us their wonderful testimonials and why so many more continue to give us their vote of confidence every day. We look forward to you being one of them.

Call us today. We ‘re here for you!!!