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Why a spring wedding is perfect

Your wedding day is the most special day of your life, so why not plan it for the perfect time of year – spring! With its perfect comfortable temperatures, beautiful floral backdrop and combination of pretty colours, there’s no better time than spring for a wedding in Gibraltar. We’ve listed the top reasons why we think a spring wedding is a perfect choice.

1. An outdoor venue

Outdoor weddings grow in popularity every year and it’s the perfect time of year to bring your wedding to the outdoors. Set your wonderful day in a woodland wonder or surrounded by flowers in a Botanical Garden. This setting provides the most natural and perfect backdrop for your special day. Plus, all the fabulous colours that are available from the outdoors will make choosing your wedding colours even easier. With combinations including Chantilly blue and rose quartz, gold and blush, and yellow and mint, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Why not consider our beautiful Botanical Gardens as the backdrop of your Gibraltar wedding.

2. Large range of bouquet choices

A spring bride will find it difficult to choose with the vast amount of choice available for her wedding flowers. Thanks to Gibraltar’s Mediterranean seasonality and climatic conditions, there is a strong influence on the timing of flowering plants. Although more plants flower during the spring than any other time, the Botanical Gardens showcase a range of wonderful flowers throughout the season. This means there are so many beautiful blooms available at your fingertips which means you can pick flowers that are in season and local to your venue! Whether you’ve opted for something vibrant or a muted and soft colour scheme you’ll find the perfect flowers for your wedding.

3. Eat outdoors

You can host your wedding reception outside and incorporate new, fun and quirky dining options into your big day. For example, you could opt for a spring BBQ filled with delicious delights, or soak up the atmosphere as your chef cooks up an authentic Asian feast outside. Why not even mix in some local Gibraltar cuisine? Gibraltar food is typically a wonderful combination of Maltese, British, Spanish and Italian influences. You even have the perfect excuse to serve delicious cream teas, snow cones, or ice cream treats from a fab food truck. An outside bar is also a great idea to create a relaxed, fun and refreshing atmosphere.

If you are on the lookout for the perfect destination for a spring wedding, then look no further than a Gibraltar Wedding. We have the perfect setting for you within beautiful Botanical Gardens. Get in touch today to start planning your perfect spring wedding.