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Spring is definitely the season of 💕

A very warm welcome back to your preferred wedding planners of choice blog; writing to you from sunny Gibraltar. What an amazing time it is to be living in. So many changes going on around us, so many incredible things happening all over the world and so much to look back on and so much to look forward to. Of course, not all change is for the good but we are forever optimistic that things will always be good in the end.

Here in Gibraltar, it’s spring and when you walk through Main street you can see just how many Brides and Grooms choose to get married here on the Rock. It’s a normal part of our everyday life to see ladies and gentleman dressed in their bridal attire browsing shops and finding a nice restaurant to have their meal after their wedding ceremony.

People in Gibraltar are so friendly that when they see a Bride, they stop to congratulate the happy couple and compliment the bride on her beautiful outfit. Some Brides are more modest than others but every one of them is beautiful and every one of them is unique. The one thing all Brides share in common is that they tend to radiate a wonderful aura about them on their special day. It’s as if their happiness radiates out from every pore. Our entire Sweet Gibraltar Weddings team feels privileged to share such a special moment with the lovely couples who come here to tie the knot.

Spring is definitely the season of love. Everything seems to go through a rebirth. Flowers bloom, the sky is blue and if you take a walk down to the marina, you will see lots of yachts moored in the blue sea surrounding the rock. It’s a very romantic scene to behold and share with your loved ones.

In fact … watch this space because soon we will be bringing you an amazing package that will offer you the possibility of getting married in the marina and enjoying a delicious set menu in one of the most prestigious restaurants in Gibraltar. You won’t be disappointed and neither will your guests. It’s a perfect venue for small and intimate weddings as well as for weddings of up to 300 guests. We won’t give you all the details now but we will unveil our new package just a few short weeks from now, maybe sooner. So, don’t miss out. We hope we’ve enticed you a little though.

Don’t forget, if you have any questions for us please get in touch. We’re here to answer all your questions and to make your day as special and as memorable as possible.

Have an amazing weekend!