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Weddings in Gibraltar benefit from sun, sea, and sand, as well as a relaxed Spanish vibe mixed with British influence. A destination wedding is an exciting break from tradition, giving brides the chance to make their wedding stand out from the rest. It’s the perfect opportunity to have a themed wedding or to incorporate authentic traditions and local influences. Channeling Spain in your Gibraltar wedding is a wonderful way to create atmosphere, add romance, and make your wedding stand out. Here are a few you might like to incorporate…

Understated wedding party

Spanish weddings focus on the bride and groom and their family rather than on a larger wedding party. Having no bridesmaids or groomsmen might seem unusual, but it takes a lot of stress from the day, cuts costs, and makes for a more intimate ceremony and celebration. The top table usually features only the bride and groom and their parents. There are also no speeches, doing away with this more pressured part of the celebrations and leaving more time to party!

Traditional veil and dress

A traditional Spanish veil incorporates an elaborate hand embroidered headdress handed down through generations. The veil is worn on top of a high comb or directly over your hair. Lace is traditionally used as detailing on the wedding dress. Daring brides can choose a traditional black dress and veil.

Gifts and greetings

Guests celebrate the union of the happy couple by throwing rice, rather than the confetti used in English weddings. Spanish newlyweds also take particular care to visit every guest at the reception – the bride and groom walk around the room together to speak to every group.

Orange blossoms

These beautiful white flowers are often chosen as symbols of purity, and are traditionally believed to bring the new bride and group happiness and fulfilment. A Spanish bride will often give floral corsage to her female friends, who wear them facing down to represent their available status. Losing your corsage at a Spanish wedding is deemed to mean you’ll be the next down the aisle. Rather than throwing the bouquet, a Spanish bride gifts her arrangement to a valued friend to whom she wishes luck and love in her own relationships.