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Some of the trendiest wedding themes for 2020

Much like fashion and interior design, weddings have trends that change year-on-year. What we mean by this is that there are annual trends and online fads that are popular with brides and grooms to be, whether it be a certain aesthetic, dress style, item, or venue type.

2020 looks set to be a versatile year for wedding trends, so there’s plenty to pick from in order to create the wedding of your dreams. The team here at Sweet Gibraltar Weddings have researched and crafted a list of some of the best 2020 wedding trends set to make a big statement.

Dress: Custom embroidery

Following Hailey Baldwin’s 2019 wedding to Justin Bieber, in which she wore a beautifully customised embroidered veil, customised dresses and veils are set to rise in popularity. It could be anything as simple as a name or date to something complex such as a psalms quotation or meaningful song lyric. You could do it yourself if it’s something small, or hire a professional if you want something lengthier.

Suit: Patterns

With gender becoming more fluid and people experimenting more with how they express their identity, one of the biggest 2020 wedding trends for the groom and his groomsmen are patterned suits. Whether it be floral, stripy, or even ornate, wedding suit designers are looking to trendsetters such as Harry Styles, Rami Malek, and Ryan Gosling for the next big thing.

Catering: Vegetarian and vegan menus

Over the last few years, vegetarianism and veganism have risen ten-fold in popularity around the world. As such, 2020 is set to be a big year for meat-alternative menus. We’re talking halloumi burger vans, vegan sausage rolls and fritters, tofu kebabs, and delicious Mediterranean favourites such as hummus and falafel.

Decor: Maximalism

Recent years have seen a spike in so-called minimalist weddings – that is, modest decor and a laidback colour scheme of nude or light tones. However, 2020 weddings see an end to minimalism by favouring the opposite: maximalism. Think all-out colourful, vibrant, bold decor done to the max. This will be seen in statement table pieces and in reception venue decor.

Wedding party: Mixed genders

As the years pass, the level of acceptance within society improves. As such, we’re seeing a breaking down of the rigid gender roles, which is something extending to wedding planning. 2020 will see the ending to a traditionally all-women bridal party and all-men groom’s party, with each party now simply being comprised of the people closest to the happy couple.