Should you hire a professional wedding videographer... or go down the ‘amateur’ route?

people usng iphone to record a Gibraltar weddings

Should you hire a Should you hire a professional wedding videographer… or go down the ‘amateur’ route? professional wedding videographer… or go down the ‘amateur’ route?

When you think back to the most special moments of your life – birthdays, new arrivals in the family, and perhaps even the past wedding days of yourself or people close to you – the chances are that certain images immediately come to mind. 


The fact is, memories are all about imagery, and it’s even easier to conjure up that imagery in your head when you have photos or video footage to remind you of it all. 


There’s more than one way to document the memory 

This brings us neatly onto the subject of wedding videography. It’s not the very first thing that most of us plan or budget for when we have a life-defining celebration coming up such as a wedding. But for a lot of people planning Gibraltar weddings in particular, the chance to have their special day filmed on the backdrop of the stunning British Overseas Territory is just too irresistible. 

That doesn’t address the question, though, of whether you should hire a professional videographer to film all of those special moments of your big day… or instead have someone amateur, such as one or more of your loved ones, do the job. 


Is it as straightforward a question to answer as it might seem for some of you planning Gibraltar weddings right now? 


First of all… why might it make sense to get a professional? 


Some of these reasons may seem obvious, but we’ll go through them anyway. Someone who works as a videographer on a professional, day-to-day basis is much likelier than an amateur to know all of the ‘tricks of the trade’ of recording truly stunning video. 


By that, we mean they’ll have suitably top-quality equipment, well-honed creativity, and the experience and wisdom to know what to do, and what not to do. 


Choose a seasoned wedding videographer, and they should be skilled in capturing you and your beloved in a flattering fashion. They should also be great at seizing upon all of those little – but really special – moments a mere amateur might not even notice.  


Amateur videography can have its charms too, though 


In some ways, the question of whether to hire a professional videographer or have video created on a more ‘amateur’ basis comes down to exactly what you want from your wedding videography. And of course, there’s nothing stopping you having a professional videographer around while also handing a tablet or smartphone to your aunt, mum or best man. 


Indeed, amateur videos can be great for capturing your wedding through the ‘eyes’ of your loved ones – complete with all of the natter, laughing and fun that your friends and family will be adding to the occasion regardless. It’s unlikely to be as ‘slick’ as professional video, but not all wedding video actually has to be slick. 


And whereas your wedding budget might stretch to the use of one videographer – if you’re lucky – asking multiple loved ones to film at least part of your wedding with their mobile devices will allow your special day to be immortalised from many more angles. That aforementioned mum, aunt or best man might even catch an enchanting moment that even your professional videographer manages to overlook.


Oh, and amateur recorded video can also often be uploaded to social media pretty fast. Provided that there’s nothing too embarrassing in the footage (but we presume you’ll be able to trust your chosen guests more than that!), that’s a cool thing, too. 


Contact us today about the possibilities for your Gibraltar nuptials 


If you spend this much time just thinking about how to record video footage of your wedding, you can probably imagine how overwhelming the job of planning an entire wedding can be! 


That’s why couples inspired by the thought of Gibraltar weddings shouldn’t struggle to do the knotty organisational work on their own. Get in touch with the Sweet Gibraltar Weddings team now, and we can soon be working closely with you to make your dreams of matrimonial bliss in the British Overseas Territory a reality.