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Should I have multiple wedding dresses?

As you plan your destination wedding in Gibraltar, you’ve probably already started shopping around for your dream wedding dress. In the process, you’ve found two or more dresses that you like and can’t seem to pick one. So, why not buy them all? Keep reading to find out.

A popular trend

Today, it’s quite popular to have two wedding dresses – one for the ceremony and the other for the reception. As a rule, brides opt for a luxurious gown for exchanging vows and a simpler gown for the party.

However, simply because the trend is popular doesn’t mean you should also do it. Choosing a wedding dress is no small ordeal, and you need to take your time before deciding. To help you make your decision, here are some pros and cons of having two wedding dresses.


1. Dance with comfort

If you want to dance freely during your reception, you should consider having a second dress that’s shorter and has less fabric. You’ll be moving around a lot, from dancing and sitting to eating, and a simpler dress can help you move comfortably. Some brides even opt for pantsuits as their second dress.

2. Blend traditional and modern

With two wedding dresses, you can still wear the traditional, luxurious full gown to your ceremony and change to a more modern dress for your reception.


1. Added cost

Wedding gowns aren’t cheap, and buying two of them only racks up your wedding costs. So, if you’re working with a strict budget, having two gowns isn’t a great idea as it can quickly get expensive.

2. Inadequate time

Wedding timelines are intricate, especially if you’re booking popular venues like the Mons Calpe Suite. You may not have enough time to change into your second gown, taking time away from other activities such as photography and cake cutting.

3. Complications

Some complications might arise when taking off your ceremony dress and putting on your reception gown, such as your makeup smudging.

Bottom line

Ultimately, if you decide to buy a second gown, ensure it’s something you actually want and aren’t only following trends.

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