Could a ‘sequel’ wedding be the right choice for you?

sequel wedding

Could a ‘sequel’ wedding be the right choice for you?

Most of the obvious impacts of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic have hardly been positive ones. However, if there is one thing the disruption brought by COVID-19 may have helped many couples with, it is appreciating that their wedding doesn’t have to take the same, largely predictable form as everyone else’s. 

Just think back to the spring of 2020, when the pandemic began to truly make itself felt in Western countries. Weddings were being cancelled, postponed and reorganised all over the place – but also rethought. In the subsequent months, we saw a heightening trend towards other wedding models, such as micro weddings and ‘minimonies’

So, for today’s blog post, we thought we’d introduce those of you interested in Gibraltar weddings to another alternative type of nuptials: the ‘sequel’ wedding. 

What is a sequel wedding? 

A sequel wedding is basically a two-part wedding, whereby a couple holds multiple ceremonies to celebrate their union. 

While such a wedding can take various forms depending on why the given couple is holding a sequel wedding in the first place, it typically involves an initial smaller ceremony with only close relatives and friends in attendance, followed by a second ceremony with many more guests and a grander reception. 

So, why might you hold this type of wedding? 

Sequel weddings are not a brand-new trend; they already occur often across certain religions and cultures. But even putting this aside, there are various reasons why you and your sweetheart might conceivably wish to hold a sequel wedding. 

If you have married in the past, for instance, you might not have the appetite for the same level of pomp and ceremony you had when you first tied the knot. This might prompt you to consider a sequel wedding as a means of enjoying a small, intimate ceremony with the people who most matter to you, followed by a second ceremony that gives you the chance of a bigger celebration. 

Another possibility we have to raise, of course – given that we do specialise in organising Gibraltar weddings – is that of a destination wedding. You may have your heart set on formalising your union somewhere sunny and picturesque like Gibraltar, but also wish to hold a celebration nearer where you live – perhaps because some would-be attendees would not be able to make the trip abroad. In that case, a sequel wedding, with one ceremony at home and another in your desired overseas location, may be an excellent solution. 

Alternatively, you might simply be in disagreement with your partner or other members of your wedding party on whether to hold a smaller or grander wedding celebration. A sequel wedding, with ceremonies in different locations and venues, might represent a great compromise here that doesn’t exactly feel like a ‘compromise’ at all, given that it’ll effectively give you ‘two celebrations in one’. 

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