3 simple things you can do to save cash – and give yourself a bigger Gibraltar wedding budget

3 simple things you can do to save cash – and give yourself a bigger Gibraltar wedding budget

We know, we know – no one really wants to have to talk about money right now, and yet, it’s that one thing we seemingly all have to talk about. And discussion of the subject in your family will probably be especially intense if you’re planning a wedding at the moment. 


It’s certainly a subject that has to be talked about by many of our own clients who are interested in Gibraltar weddings – and sure enough, we have written previously on our blog about how you can save money on your nuptials in the British Overseas Territory


Alongside steps to save money on your wedding, though, you might also be looking for some straightforward ‘swaps’ you can make in your life, to free up further funds. After all, as you read this, you might be many months or even years away from your wedding date – so changes made to your lifestyle now could save you a hefty sum in the long run. 


With no further ado, then, let’s take you through a few of those straightforward changes you could make, without being forced to make your day-to-day life a misery as you try to save for your wedding. 


Prepare your coffee at home 

Are you the kind of person who’s accustomed to purchasing a coffee from one of the many household-name coffee-shop brands we could name (but won’t)? If so, the chances are that those costs will be accumulating into a serious figure in terms of your monthly expenditure on it. 


So, in the run-up to your wedding, why not swap that barista coffee for instant coffee made at home? Buy yourself a coffee machine, and you can still enjoy that frothy-coffee experience without incurring quite so much longer-term cost. 


Minimise – or quit – impulse purchases 


Yes, this one can be very tough, not least given how easy it is to end up idly browsing eBay or other popular online shopping channels these days. 


With this tip, however, we aren’t saying, “don’t ever treat yourself”. We’re saying that whenever you find yourself in love with a particular item you see for sale online, step back, and ask yourself whether you really need to have it, right now. Would you be miserable forever if you didn’t buy this item? 


Even a lot of people out there who aren’t specifically trying to save for Gibraltar weddings, have found this method of ‘stepping back’ to be useful. It can greatly help to prevent you buying items that you feel the need to return later, while thinking, “what was I thinking?” 


Make your holiday this year a cheaper one 


As we said above, we don’t want to use this article to suggest you forgo all those little luxuries that give you joy in life. But if you’re among the many couples planning Gibraltar weddings for this year, you’ll already be taking in at least one irresistible overseas destination in 2023. So, does your holiday break this year have to be as lavish or as ambitious as it normally is? 


If, for example, you almost always holiday in another part of Europe each summer, you might look at spending a weekend away in a part of the UK you have always been curious about, but never got round to visiting. 


In any case, if you’re desperate to get drenched in sun in 2023, don’t forget that a lot of couples holding Gibraltar weddings also take the chance to enjoy a honeymoon in this part of the world, such as on the always-gorgeous Costa del Sol, right next to Gibraltar. 


There are plenty of other ways to save money for Gibraltar nuptials, of course – you might be looking to cancel one or two of your current streaming subscriptions, for instance, or to swap the current gym membership for something less pricey that still helps to keep you fit. But hopefully, the above suggestions will have helped you feel a bit more inspired. 


Every pound and penny you save could go towards making your Gibraltar wedding that bit more special, so you’re unlikely to regret going frugal right now. And if you would like to talk to our experts about how we can help make your wedding memorable in all the finest ways, please don’t forget that you can always contact us via phone or email