5 ways to ensure you choose the right wedding car

5 ways to ensure you choose the right wedding car

There’s a lot to think about for anyone getting married in Gibraltar, and there’s no question that planning a wedding can be a very stressful process, even if you aren’t dealing with the extra logistical complications of tying the knot abroad. 


You might be relieved, then, to learn that choosing a wedding car for your big day doesn’t have to be as laborious a process as deciding on the venue or wedding dress. 


On the other hand, though, your wedding car will inevitably play a big part in the visual aspect of your nuptials, taking pride of place in the photos and video footage that you will be reflecting on for years to come. And that’s before you even think about the more ‘practical’ aspects. 


So, you won’t want to go wrong with your choice of wedding car. Below, then, we have set out five ways to help make sure you select the most suitable vehicle. 


Plan a long time in advance 


As is the case with other providers of wedding-related services such as venues and photographers, the most sought-after wedding cars tend to get booked up quickly. 


So – and this advice applies especially strongly if you already have your hearts set on a specific car – you should be sure to plan ahead, and enquire early. That will be even more important if you will be looking to hire the car for an especially popular date, such as a weekend date in the summer. 


Consider the wedding dress 


It might seem obvious, but it’s a point that can be easily overlooked, especially if it’s the groom who is comparing options for wedding cars: the larger the frame or the longer the train the bride’s wedding dress is, the more difficult it could be for them to fit into the car and ride comfortably. 


So, if you don’t want to compromise on the dress, you should at least be seeking out a car that will be spacious enough to accommodate it, without the bride having to worry about ruining her dress before she gets anywhere near the venue. 


Account for everyone else in the travelling party 


Amid all the excitement of comparing wedding-car options, it can be easy to forget that it’s not just the bride who will likely be in the car; the likes of the groom, parents and bridesmaids will also need to get to the venue, somehow. 


So, you will need to work out how many people will need to be travelling, and therefore how many cars you will need to hire, before you do any enquiring. 


Think about how the car will fit in with the broader theme of your wedding 


Before you start looking at wedding cars, you should consider what its relationship will be with the broader aesthetic of your special day. 


At the very least, you will likely be aiming for either a ‘traditional’ or more ‘contemporary’ feel for your wedding, and you will probably want your choice of wedding car to complement this, instead of going against it. Sure enough, there is a very wide range of wedding cars available, beyond the classic vehicles that represent the most stereotypical options. 


Allow the experts to handle the trickiest parts for you! 


Although the process of comparing and deciding on a wedding car probably won’t be the most stressful element of your wedding planning, it can still be a source of anxiety alongside all the other things you will need to do when organising your big day. 


That’s why, here at Sweet Gibraltar Weddings, we help arrange wedding cars for many of the couples who turn to us, so that they can feel slightly less overwhelmed. We have excellent contacts in the wedding planning industry, which will help ensure you are taken to your wedding in the most suitable set of wheels. 


Would you like to talk to us about any other aspect of getting married in Gibraltar? If so, you are very welcome to reach out to the Sweet Gibraltar Weddings team today, via phone or email.