Remember: wedding receptions don’t have to be ‘just’ about dancing!

music options at Gibraltar wedding

Remember: wedding receptions don’t have to be ‘just’ about dancing!

When many of us think of the wedding receptions we have attended in the past, we are likely to be quickly put in mind of the dancefloor. And depending on your perspective, that could bring back some very warm memories, or some less-than-positive ones! 

The fact is, the ‘party’ stage of a wedding day doesn’t have to be just about hiring a DJ and making sure your chosen venue has a big enough dancefloor to allow attendees to strut their stuff. 

Indeed, there are various reasons why you might not want to make dancing much of a focus at your wedding reception at all. Depending on what the COVID-19 situation looks like wherever you are getting married by the time you read this, you might be concerned about the scope for dancing guests to linger close to each other, thereby maximising the risk of the virus spreading.

Then, of course, it’s worth considering that not everyone is necessarily that fussed about dancing – there will almost certainly be potential guests at your wedding who feel shy or awkward about it. 

So, what are the alternatives to dancing for your guests? 

Of course, our team here at Sweet Gibraltar Weddings appreciates that Gibraltar weddings hugely vary, because the couples organising them hugely vary in terms of their tastes, expectations, and circumstances. A great DJ and a bit of dancing might be one of the first things you want your wedding planning to account for. 

So, we’re definitely not saying you can’t have dancing at your wedding! But if for any reason you are considering alternatives that could help every attendee to feel included in the fun and celebrations, you might want to look into some of the below ideas: 

  • Outdoor sports, such as croquet or rounders 
  • A treasure hunt in and around the venue 
  • Board games set up on the guests’ tables 
  • A band or DJ performing outside, for a relaxed ‘festival’ feel 
  • Bingo games 
  • Hiring a comedian to entertain guests after dinner
  • Hosting a screening of your favourite movie 

The above are just some suggestions – and factors such as the likely weather, the specific venue you have booked, and the physical capabilities and interests of your guests may dictate that you favour certain options over others. 

Hopefully, though, we will have got your imagination going as you consider what your own wedding reception in Gibraltar could look like. 

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