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Reasons to leave the UK for a sunny wedding day

Have you been considering a foreign wedding but been put off by logistical problems? Overseas weddings can take a little extra planning, but the benefits you can enjoy will make them worth the extra work. Here we look at four reasons why an overseas wedding can tick all your boxes:

1. The glorious weather

Taking the leap and getting married outside the UK gives everyone a chance to take a small holiday! You will find that everything is better in the sun. You can be in a more relaxed mood in the run-up to your wedding, and on the day itself, there is less chance of rain spoiling proceedings. Look forward to stunning photographs and memories bathed in sunshine.

2. Less is more

Back home, you might feel the obligation to invite everyone under the sun to your wedding, for fear of making anyone feel left out. Overseas weddings lift some of that burden, allowing you to pick the select few friends and family who mean the most to you. The distance involved means that only those who are truly invested in you are likely to take the trip to your special day, setting the scene for a wonderful time which you will remember forever.

3. A change of scene

Our neighbourhoods can mean a lot to us – they are where we grew up, and where many of our friends and family live – but isn’t a wedding meant to be anything but run of the mill? You can get away from the scene of your everyday grind by booking a foreign wedding in an exotic location, leaving behind the potentially mundane surroundings and transporting you and your guests to a heavenly destination. Think of it as starting your honeymoon early!

4. Value for money

If you thought that an overseas wedding, such as weddings in Gibraltar, will break the bank, that need not necessarily be the case. That’s because when all is said and done, having a ceremony and reception on foreign soil can sometimes work out cheaper than it would do back home!

Those are four reasons why your wedding day doesn’t have to be a rainy day! Contact us today for more details.