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Quite an historic week for Gibraltar

Greetings once again and welcome back to our weekly blog. Time flies by so quickly, it’s hard to believe it’s been a whole week since we were here; writing our last post. We truly hope that all of you are well out there.

We thought that after a very very busy October, the wedding season would begin to slow down a little but, to our complete surprise, we are still set to be strong for the month of November. The weather is certainly holding out for all the lovely couples coming here and choosing Gibraltar as preferred wedding destination.

After launching our “ALL INCLUSIVE” package, the phone hasn’t stopped ringing. We continue to be grateful for you choosing us as your wedding destination planner. We keep saying it, but it’s also amazing to have so many American couples choosing to get married in Gibraltar.

This has been quite an historic week for Gibraltar. As many of you know, for a while now, Gibraltar has been celebrating civil partnerships. However, in an unprecedented move this week, the rock has finally approved same sex marriages. This is a huge milestone for LGBT campaigners who have been fighting a long battle for the same legal wedding rights, for same sex couples, as heterosexual couples enjoy.

Apparently, the new law allows any registrar, who is religiously sensitive to the issue, the right to stand down from marrying a same sex couple. However, knowing the registrars as we do, we are sure that none of them will stand down from the task. Gibraltar is one of the few places where we all enjoy a very diverse community, diverse culture and enough openness of mind to appreciate all the diversity we have to offer.

So, if you’re in a same sex relationship and you’re thinking of committing to your partner, through the sacred ritual of matrimony, why don’t you choose Gibraltar as your destination wedding site and why don’t you let us be your destination management wedding planner.

Remember, 17,000 people can’t all be wrong. We must be doing something right. So, why don’t you join all the couples before you and allow us to take care of all your needs on your very special day.

Call us now and make your enquiry. We’re here for you!