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Proposal season is here: 3 ways to get the ring you really want

Proposal season runs from November through December, which means soon you’re likely to see a surge of Facebook engagement posts or find friends breaking the exciting news to you via coffee or wine! If you and your partner have both made it clear you want to get engaged, here are some clues you can give them to make their search for the perfect ring a little easier.

1. Show them a picture

If you know exactly what you want, then this is a great way to get it. Find clever ways to show your partner a picture of your favourite style, cut and colours. Perhaps you could subtly leave a web browser open with your favourite rings on show or point out pictures in magazines of the perfect ring, or even mention what you don’t like.

2. Shop together for the ring

If you would rather be practical and want a ring that will suit your style rather than a big shock surprise, then why not shop together for the ring. Pop into a jewellery store to have a casual look and you will usually find the salesperson will ask if you’d like to try something on. That’s your chance to fawn over the perfect ring. Alternatively, window shop and point your favourites out, that way they can return to the shop without you knowing to purchase the perfect ring.

3. Ask for a surprise

If you’re a total romantic and you dream of the Hollywood-style proposal, then leave it up to him. You might choose to mention in passing your favourite colours, style and cut, or if you both have similar tastes, you may feel comfortable leaving things wholly in his court. Of course, it’s always a good idea to drop hints about what you don’t like, just in case. Practice patience here, we’re sure your loved one is capable of pulling off a fabulous romantic feat, but it takes planning, so don’t prod them too much. After all, if you’re after a surprise, it has to be their decision!

Once you’ve received the perfect proposal and have said YES, get in touch with us at Sweet Gibraltar Weddings. We can help you plan a beautiful wedding in Gibraltar just as perfect as your engagement ring.