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Planning your same-sex wedding in Gibraltar

You’re engaged to the love of your life and you’re getting married in beautiful Gibraltar – congratulations! Planning a same-sex wedding can be stressful but it also gives you the chance to buck trends and add your own spin on proceedings. Here are our three tips to make your special day shine.

Don’t fit in

This is your day and your chance to turn tradition on its head. A same-sex wedding does away with traditional gender roles meaning you can have some fun and make it your own. From how you walk down the aisle to your outfits and your vows, don’t worry about fitting in with gendered traditions. You might both love the same dress, so why not wear it? Consider your values and what is special to you. Embrace traditional gender roles, reinvent them or ignore them. If it makes you happy, it’s the right thing!

Communication is key

There’s a chance your friends and family will want to know what you expect from them before they come to Gibraltar for your wedding. Doing things differently means managing the roles and expectations of your guests. If you’re having a mix of male and female attendants, often called Honour Attendants in same-sex ceremonies, let them know what their role is as soon as possible. This helps everyone understand what is needed and avoids any confusion. If you want to walk down the aisle together or be given away by your best friend, do it. Just make sure everyone is on board before the wedding to ensure your day is relaxed and harmonious.

Use a wedding planner

With so much to think about, using a wedding planner is a key way to help everything go without a hitch. A professional planner can help with budgeting, reduce stress by taking on difficult tasks and offer an often much-needed objective view. With years of experience, a wedding planner is perfectly placed to offer useful tips, suggestions and resolve problems and disagreements.

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