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Planning your emergency kit for your Gibraltar wedding

Bridal magazines are full of advice on what every girl needs in her emergency wedding kit, and most of it is pure common sense. Having your maid of honour carry your lipstick, phone (on silent of course) and a few safety pins is smart, but if you’re planning to get married in sunny and romantic Gibraltar what do you really need in your wedding kit?

Travel size everything

Not only are travel sizes easier to slip into an emergency bag, but you can keep them in your hand luggage on the plane in case you need to spritz your dehydrated face or deal with those damp underarms. Anti-perspirant, sunscreen and bug spray are all must haves in your travel size emergency kit and consider a good quality hair serum to keep unruly locks under control with ease.

Don’t forget the meds

No one wants to feel under the weather on their wedding day, but between the heat, the nerves and excitement it’s easy to get an upset stomach that can threaten ruin your big day. Pack an indigestion remedy, diarrhea meds and some painkillers and you’ll be able to deal with any emergency, fast.

The hero multitaskers

These are the small but mighty products that can each deal with a whole range of potential disasters with ease. A travel sized good quality handcream is amazing for controlling flyaway hair and removing static cling from clothes – just rub well into your hands then smooth them over your hair, veil or dress. A stick of untinted lip balm not only keeps your pout pretty but is amazing at unsticking fiddly zips, while a travel size baby powder might just be the hero product to beat them all. Rubbed on arms and legs it stops sand sticking, on underarms, it adds extra sweat protection and you can blot your makeup with it to prevent shine!

Analogue aircon

In other words, a good old-fashioned fan. There’s something really romantic about them, they fit neatly into the bottom of your bag and are incredibly effective at keeping you cool. Think about providing simple printed fans as wedding favours.

Your vows

In an ideal world, you’ll know these by heart. But in the heat of the moment, and when the nerves hit, it’s easy to forget every single word. Carry a spare copy at all times and tuck one in your emergency kit for safe keeping.

At Sweet Gibraltar Weddings we can arrange every detail of your wedding, so contact us today – but the emergency kit is up to you!