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Planning a winter wedding? Gibraltar is the ideal location

Winter weddings are becoming popular with many people for the different feel they offer. Wedding dates can also be less in demand at this time of year, which gives you more flexibility when organising your big day. Of course, where to get married is a big decision and something you need to think about carefully. This is especially true when it comes to winter ceremonies and the unique challenges they bring. If you are planning a wedding in winter, the island of Gibraltar is a top choice. But why is this?

Temperatures do not get too low

Compared to getting married somewhere like the UK over winter, getting married in Gibraltar is better in terms of temperature. While you may want the atmosphere a winter wedding gives, you will probably not want to be freezing cold all day either! This will not be an issue when you marry over the winter months in Gibraltar. The average temperature is around 13 degrees celsius during this time of year, which is much warmer than many other places.

Great value for money

As winter is the off-season on the island, you will usually find great value for money. This can mean your big day does not cost as much as other winter destinations or if you were to get married over summer. It can also help you afford a better standard of hotel or venue, due to their prices being lower than at busier times. This can really help make your special day truly memorable.

Fabulous choice of venues still

Although winter is the off-season for Gibraltar, you will still find plenty of fabulous venues to get married at. These breathtaking wedding locations offer stunning views and a romantic feel to enjoy. This makes the island a great choice for your winter wedding. There will also be a good choice of accommodation for guests still, which means you can invite over as many people as you like for your big day.

Let Sweet Gibraltar Weddings organise your special day on Gibraltar

If you like the sound of getting married in Gibraltar over winter, why not let Sweet Gibraltar Weddings help? We can handle everything for you and make the whole process hassle-free. We know organising a wedding abroad is not easy from another country, so our experts are happy to advise you.