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How to plan your stress free Gibraltar wedding

Getting married is stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. Plan your wedding in Gibraltar and you’ll not only enjoy the exceptional weather and breathtaking scenery but the fabulous laid-back atmosphere that will make your wedding virtually stress-free! Here are a few tips for achieving that perfect chilled out wedding vibe.

Give yourself time

Popular venues can get booked up months in advance, but don’t stress! Pick a date that fits in with your – and your guests – commitments around jobs and children and give them plenty of advance warning. That way you can all book time off work or organise childcare so there’s no last minute panic. And by planning your wedding 12-24 months in advance, you’ll be able to save and budget for that dream Gibraltar wedding.

The perfect venue

Gibraltar has so many venues to fall in love with, from the tropical splendour of the Botanical Gardens to the magical grotto at St Michael’s Cave and the stunning Mons Calpe Suite perched at the very top of the Rock of Gibraltar itself.

You’ll either decide on your venue because you’ve always wanted to get married on a beach or on a mountain, or because you fall in love with the beauty of the venue itself. With so many perfect backdrops to choose from when getting married in Gibraltar, you’re sure to find one that’s perfect for you. And that takes the stress out of another big decision!

Be diplomatic

Deciding on the guest list can be uber stressful, but plan a wedding in Gibraltar and you can break from the norm and keep the event as intimate as you want. Work with everyone who’s making a financial contribution, plus your nearest and dearest, to make this part of your wedding plan as low stress and as inclusive as possible.

Remember, you have the final say – it’s your wedding after all – and you can always organise a party when you return from your dream wedding, calm and chilled out with a great tan!

Ask the experts

At Sweet Gibraltar Weddings we’re experts in ensuring that your wedding in Gibraltar goes off without a hitch! If a stress free Gibraltar wedding sounds like your idea of married bliss then contact us today to make your dreams of a chilled out wedding a reality!