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Picture perfect: our top three photography tips for your beach wedding

Having the wedding of your dreams is all anyone ever wants, and, with such beautiful memories, it’d be a shame not to have the photographs to match. To make sure your photographer captures all of your best moments, follow our top three photography tips to make sure your Gibraltar Wedding is ready for its close-up.

1. Consider your surroundings

Outdoor weddings, especially beach ones, are great but it’s important to be mindful of the landscape when you’re getting your professional photographs. This could be for practical reasons or aesthetics. You want to make sure that you can take the best photographs you can without logistical issues – this could be if the dress will work on the sand, or if the tide is too far in. The beach makes for a beautiful backdrop, so use it. Have the crashing of the waves or the colours of the sunset dancing in the back of your photos.

2. Accommodate for weather and lighting

Something to prepare for before photographing a beach wedding in Gibraltar is the natural elements. You may get lucky or the elements may play against you, either way, it’s good to be prepared. Check the weather forecasts and accommodate accordingly, a windy day doesn’t mean the photographs can’t be good, it just means you need to be prepared. You may even be able to use it to your advantage – you won’t need a fan for a dramatic look at least!

Also, take into account the lack of control you will have over lighting. You have the benefit of natural light, however, this may not always work in your favour. This is why you should consider this beforehand and prepare to bring any additions or alterations.

3. Maximise angle opportunities

Angles – a photographer’s best friend and enemy in one. They’re not always easy but they’re effective. You want to maximise the use of different angles as best you can to convey different messages. Try a wide-angle shot to showcase the landscape and consider positionings too. How about the couple towards the left-hand side with the veil floating out mimicking the rhythm of the ocean? Try a close-up to focus on the emotions of the day.

Of course, the best photographs you’ll take away from the day are the mental ones you’ll hold in your heart forever. But still, it’d be nice to have a good one to go up on the fireplace, wouldn’t it? For more helpful guides to having the perfect beach wedding, explore Sweet Gibraltar Weddings.