How to ensure stunning outdoor wedding photography – even in the Mediterranean sun

wedding photos in the sun

How to ensure stunning outdoor wedding photography – even in the Mediterranean sun

If you’re reading this, that fact in itself probably indicates some interest on your part in joining the many other couples who have arranged weddings in Gibraltar down the years. 


This fabulous British Overseas Territory doesn’t have many disadvantages as a place to get married, if we dare say so ourselves! However, if there is one thing that some people contemplating weddings in Gibraltar may worry about, it is some of the possible effects of the heat in this part of southern Europe. 


After all, average daily maximum temperatures here are known to reach around 31 degrees C (88 degrees F) during July and August. And even if you choose a slightly less sweltering month such as May instead, you could still be looking at temperatures hovering at approximately 25 degrees C (77 degrees F). 


A sunny day and wedding photography: not always a dream combination 


You might have noticed, if you have been browsing our Gibraltar wedding packages, that we offer photography during your ceremony as part of these deals. And you might imagine that a gloriously sunny day would make your wedding photographer’s job relatively easy – but alas, that’s not quite the case. 


Indeed, many a professional wedding photographer would probably tell you it’s the task of trying to take amazing-looking snaps in the middle of a heatwave that can be especially challenging. 


Elevated heat and intense sun may leave you and your sweetheart feeling grumpy, and having to squint even to see the photographer for what are supposed to be relaxed and enchanting photos. That’s before you account for such things as melting makeup further ruining your big-day look, flies disorientating you as you try to pose for the next snap, and annoying wasps floating around your drinks. 


3 ways to ensure better results from your wedding snaps when the sun is out 


Of course, we wouldn’t wish to suggest that sun-drenched weddings in Gibraltar aren’t utterly wonderful, as they very much can be. 


Still, we do think – in light of the above – that you might be appreciative of some tips to help you get the best results from your sunshine wedding photos when in this part of the Iberian Peninsula, such as those detailed below. 


  • Take the professional approach with your wedding makeup


Yes, during these challenging times when it seems like we all have a lot less money to go round, you might be very tempted to go down the ‘DIY’ route with your wedding makeup – and that’s extremely understandable. 


If, though, you plan to hold your Gibraltar wedding during a hotter time of year, it might be particularly advisable for you to arrange help from a professional makeup artist. Indeed, this is one of the additional services we can provide with our wedding packages here at Sweet Gibraltar Weddings. 


The fact is, the top makeup professionals are skilled in applying makeup in a manner that will help it stand up to the heat over an extended period. The makeup artists with which we maintain strong contacts have long assisted couples just like you, which means that when a hot day (even by Gibraltar standards) is in prospect, a professional’s services can prove a very sound investment indeed. 


  • Prioritise comfort over style 


Yes, we know; if you have long had your heart set on wearing a particular outfit or gown in your wedding photos, it can be a wrench to have to consider switching to something else, for the sake of feeling as comfortable as possible in those never-to-be-repeated snaps. 


But look at it this way: how you feel translates to how you look, and even the most gorgeous conceivable wedding dress won’t compensate if you’re looking pained in your wedding snaps due to the heat. So, we would advise you to very much embrace comfort as its own virtue when it comes to looking good in wedding photos, instead of feeling the need to ‘tough it out’ regardless. 


At the very least, you shouldn’t feel guilty about swapping formal shoes for flip-flops – you are getting married in a fabulous Mediterranean sunshine destination, after all, so your wedding-day aesthetic might as well reflect that! And everyone can always change into lighter and more informal outfits once the group photos have been taken. 


  • Keep well-hydrated throughout the day 


This might seem like slightly obvious advice to some of you reading. But what we’re really underlining here, is the importance of having the right measures in place to ensure you get hydrated, and stay that way, throughout what is sure to be an exceedingly busy wedding day.


Such measures should include proactively ensuring water and glasses are kept readily available and easy to find for everyone, at all times. You might even choose to make these elements complement your broader wedding aesthetic, such as by including ice cubes that have edible flowers frozen inside.  


Do make sure, though, that you’re hydrating everyone with water, or flavoured water, and to restrict alcohol intake. Yes, there might be plenty of alcohol being enjoyed later, but you won’t want anyone in your wedding party to be overdoing it when the ceremony itself is still looming. 


Hopefully, all our above tips will have got you feeling like you will be able to take on the challenges of even a relatively sweltering Mediterranean destination wedding. To learn more about the possibilities for weddings in Gibraltar when they are organised with our help, please don’t wait any longer to enquire to the Sweet Gibraltar Weddings team via phone or email