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One Civil Marriage Law for All

One Civil Marriage Law for all

As per usual, a very warm welcome to our weekly blog.

We hope you are all well. It’s been an interesting week here on the Rock of Gibraltar. So much has happened.

Summer is in full swing. The sun has been shining gloriously every day and we’ve seen the temperature soar as high as 36 degrees on some days.

Once again, over this past week we met several lovely couples who decided to get married here. We wish each of them all the very best for their future together. It was an honour to have assisted them and hosted them here on our Rock. Furthermore, we continue to respond to daily enquiries we receive from couples, all around the world, who wish to come to Gibraltar to get married.

Among everything that has happened this week, probably, the most striking news for our business sector and wedding tourism was that the Government of Gibraltar is to present a bill in Parliament to amend the existing civil marriage Act so that it may allow same sex couples the freedom to marry as any heterosexual couple.

Of course, the news has been received with much controversy from various religious institutions and discussions may continue for a long time to come, but for Gibraltar this represents a huge wave of acceptance and is very welcome.

In fact, this is a huge step forward for the Equality Rights Group, here on the Rock, who has long been campaigning for a “One Civil Marriage Law for all.”

Already, thanks to their efforts, and a campaign that began some 16 years ago, since 2014, here on the rock we have been able to offer clients celebrations of Civil Partnerships.

Now, the Group are clearly taking this further forward with the view to obtaining “Marriages for all” regardless of gender, which would be an excellent way forward for Gibraltar as a wedding destination.

As a wedding planning company, we welcome the news. Of course, the bill has to be voted in by Parliament but we are hopeful. As soon as we know more on the outcome of the vote we will let you all know via our blog.

We hope you all have a fantastic week and look forward to answering any of your questions and addressing any of your concerns.

We’re here for you!