If you’re planning a booze-free wedding, consider these non-alcoholic beverages


If you’re planning a booze-free wedding, consider these non-alcoholic beverages

For most of us, our wedding will be one of the biggest days of our lives, and there will be a huge amount of planning, dreaming, and expense that goes into organising it. All this effort means you will want to remember every moment of your special day – and opting for a booze-free wedding can help with this, as well as ensure you are catering well to guests who don’t drink alcohol. 


To help get you inspired, we have listed some of the best non-alcoholic beverages that you might be tempted to make available to attendees of your Gibraltar nuptials. 


Don’t worry – these drinks are all so delicious, your guests are hardly likely to notice there isn’t even any alcohol in them. 


  • Virgin pina colada


If you are keen to embrace those beachy vibes without the risk of a hangover, a virgin pina colada could be the perfect option. With pineapple juice, coconut milk and ice cubes, this is a satisfying choice designed to refresh the taste buds and get the drinker in a party mood.


  • Fresh fruit juices


Why not really quench your guests’ thirst by offering a selection of fresh fruit juices, and use the bright colours to add a decorative feature? Use cute jars or carafes to serve them in, and offer a selection of orange, apple, cranberry and pineapple juices to help keep everyone hydrated and happy.


  • Real lemonade


Another idea could be to add a vintage vibe to your big day with some old-fashioned fresh lemonade. If that sounds cool to you, you could set up a station for guests to enjoy the real deal fresh from a lemon, or go for a real throwback with a timeless lemonade stand for a sweet treat.


  • Virgin peach bellini


You may be wondering what to do for the toasts for your alcohol-free wedding, and this is where a classic peach bellini can come to the rescue. Mix sparkling apple cider with lemon juice, sugar, and peach nectar, and serve in Champagne flutes for a sophisticated, elegant alternative to alcoholic Champagne when you’re getting married in Gibraltar


Tying the knot in Gibraltar can be so much easier with our help 


The notion of having an alcohol-free wedding may seem intimidating at first, and you might be worried that not all your potential guests will be fans of the idea. 


However, the good news is that with a little imagination and creativity, you can put together some great recipes that will represent the ideal additions to your wedding, not least because they will be practically guaranteed to get your attendees in a party mood.

Getting married in Gibraltar may be a dream for significant numbers of people, but the even better news is that it doesn’t have to be an unattainable one. Reach out to our own skilled wedding planners here at Sweet Gibraltar Weddings today, and we will be pleased to discuss how we could help get every detail of your big day on the British Overseas Territory “just right”.